SU Jieche

Dec 27, 2019

Associate Professor

Educational Background

2007. 9 - 2015. 7        Ph.D. in Financial Law, University of Aberdeen (supported by China Scholarship Council)

2006. 9 - 2010. 7        Ph.D. in International Law, Renmin University of China Law School

2004. 8 - 2005. 11      LL.M. in International Commercial Law, University of Aberdeen

1999. 9 - 2003. 7        LL.B. in Politics, Xiamen University

Work Experience

2013. 7 - Present        Associate Professor, Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law

2010. 7 - 2013. 7         Assistant Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

2007. 3 - 2007. 9         Part-time Assistant Professor, Beijing Institute of Finance and Commerce Management (responsible for Company Law Class in English)

2006. 3 - 2006. 9         Assistant Professor, Zhejiang Dongfang Polytechnic(responsible for WTO rules teaching)

2005. 9 - 2006. 3         Legal Counsel & English Interpreter in General Manager’s office, Acon Biotech (Hangzhou) CO., Ltd.

Research Interests

Insolvency Law and Financial Law with an interdisciplinary perspective, focusing on financial institutions’ risk management and corporate bankruptcy system;

Anglo-American bankruptcy legal system, public law issues in insolvency and those problems regarding international public law and international private law in cross-border insolvency.

Courses Taught

Banking Law

Insolvency Law


1. Deputy Secretary-General of the China Banking Law Society

2. Secretary-General of the Finance and Corporate Restructuring Expert Committee, China Banking Law Society

3. Council Member of the China Financial Service Law Society

4. Chinese Secretary-General of the East Asian Insolvency and Restructuring Society

Honors and Awards

1. The 1stPrize Essay of China Banking Law Society’s Annual Conference, 2013

2. Advanced Individual, China Law Society, 2018.


Chinese: Native language

English: Fluent in listing, speaking, reading and writing, with a high score in GRE (2120/2400) and TOEFLE. Also, have a good command of English to do academic research.

Contact Information


Office Address:

Keyan Building, Xueyuan Road Campus

Civil, Commercial and Economic Law School, China University of Political Science and Law

No. 25 Xitucheng Road, Haidian District, Beijing

China 100088

Representative Publications


1. Bank Insolvency: From the Perspective of Supervisory Authorities (in English), Doctoral Dissertation, 2016.

2. Supervisory Liability of the Regulator in Bank Insolvency Proceedings, China University of Political Science and Law Press, 2016.


1. The Dilemma for Cross-Border Banks’ Compulsory self-help and its breakthrough, to be published.

2. Constitutional Review for Intervening Measures in Financial Crisis – A Comparative analysis of UK and US , to be published.

3. The Principle of Fair Trial in Bank-Insolvency, to be published.

4. Financial Regulators’ role in Financial Institutions’ Insolvencies, Jianghan Tribune, No.5, 2019.

5. The Regulatory System Reform of the UK and US in the Post-Crisis Era, Global Law Review, No.1,2016.

6. Crisis and Change: The Historical Evolution of the Regulatory System for British Banks, Gansu Social Sciences, No.1,2014. This article was reproduced in Chinese Social Science Digest, No.8, 2014.

7. The Protection System for British Internet Banking Consumers and the Enlightenment to China(co-author), Journal of Beijing Union University (Humanities and Social Sciences), No.40, 2013.

8. Deposit Insurance System: A Regime Choice to Avoid Systemic Risk, Chinese Social Science Today, 2012-04-16(A07).

9. State Responsibility in Bank Insolvency: From the Perspective of EU Law, Journal of Tianjin Administration Institute, No.1, 2013. This article was reproduced by China Social Science Excellence and Chinese Social Science Digest.

10. The Special Bank Insolvency System: A Review towards the Anglo-American Bank-Insolvency Law - Global Law Review, No.2,2013.

11. The Role of Deposit Insurer’sin Bank Insolvency, Jianghan Tribune, No.4, 2012.

12. Tort Liability of Banking Regulator – From the Perspective of Bank Insolvency and Anglo-American Law, The Jurist, No.1, 2011. This article was

13. Strengthen and Coordinate with the Rule of Law Internationally -An Analysis towards International Law’s New Trends(co-author), Journal of Kunming University of Science and Technology (Social Science), No.5, 2009. (This article was included by China Social Science Excellence and was reproduced in Journal of International Law, No.9, 2009)

14. The International Perspective towards Legal Responses to Financial Crisis: Take Banking as an example(co-author), Gansu Social Sciences (CSSCI), No.5, 2009.

Research Projects

1. A Legal Study on Cross-Border Banks’ insolvency, supported by Ministry of Education Youth Fund for Humanities and Social Science Research, Person-in-charge, 2013.

2. A Legal Study on Bank-Insolvency Risks and Restructuring Legal System, supported by National Social Science Fund of China for General Program, Member, 2012.

3. Research on the Legal Controls towards Transnational Corporations’ Crimes, supported by Ministry of Education Fund on Major Program for Humanities and Social Sciences Research, Member, 2011.